The Yarmouth Clam Festival doesn't kick off in full force until Friday, but there's one event that people don't want to miss and take measures ahead of time to assure they have the best seat. 

The booths that will be serving some of the best food of the summer in Maine are almost up. By Friday they will be swarmed with people seeking out the perfect lobster roll and delicious steamers.

There's no one here now, but there's a sure sign that people are getting prepared.

Some of these chairs have been here since last week! There's a long standing tradition of people reserving their seats for the Yarmouth Clam Festival parade well ahead of the Friday at 6PM start time.

I must have counted at least 300 lawn chairs lining the parade route along Main Street in Yarmouth all reserving their spot for the parade that is still more than four days away. Some of the seating is...well...unique.

This video of chairs lining the street shows right where the premium seating is.

The Route 1 overpass will provide shade during the parade and keep the chair dry until Friday.

The most amazing thing about this tradition is the amount of respect involved. These chairs won't be stolen, moved, or tampered with in any way. Where else does that ever happen?

If you're at the parade Friday, look for the Q Van and then come back on Saturday when Lori and I compete in the celebrity clam shucking contest. I'm sure we'll lose again thanks to me.

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