Did you feel the earth move?

Yet another small earthquake has rattled Maine, this time about 8 miles southeast of the northwestern town of Jackman. According to the United States Geological Survey, the 2.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at about 2:35 this past Sunday morning at a depth of 3.1 miles down.

A 2.3 magnitude earthquake is pretty minor and barely noticeable, especially at 2:35 on a Sunday morning.  If you were up and about at that time of the night you may have heard the house creak briefly.  The cat may have looked at you strangely, or at least more so than usual.

In comparison, the earthquake that happened earlier this month that everyone was talking about that day in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts registered at 3.6 magnitude and was felt miles away in Long Island Sound.

This past Sunday's quake in Jackman was the 7th earthquake to happen here in Maine in 2020, with the others being:

October 21st - West Paris - 1.8 magnitude

August 28th - Turner - 1.7 magnitude

July 29th - Bath - 2.2 magnitude

July 24th - Harrison - 2.1 magnitude

April 11th - Winterport - 2.1 magnitude

March 9th - Scarborough - 2.7 magnitude

Memorable earthquakes in the past included one on October 16, 2012.  That one was centered around Hollis Center just outside of Saco, and felt all the way to Bangor. It registered in at 4.0 magnitude.

There was also one in eastern Maine that happened on October 2, 2006 off the coast of Mount Desert Island. It registered at 4.2 magnitude and was felt all the way to Bangor, and was clearly heard as rolling thunder and then a boom by many downeast during the early evening hours.

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