It's that time of the year, when many new state laws for Maine are being considered by lawmakers in Augusta. Here's one that I'm sure many people will agree on: "An Act To Increase Juror Compensation."

The bill aims to increase the amount of money people are paid when called for jury duty. The current amount, $15, is kind of a joke.

This bill wants to raise that amount to $40. And there's also a separate bill that wants to increase the pay to $50. Now we're talking!

I mean, not everyone works for a company that will pay you while you're on jury duty. And some people who are independent contractors or own their own business stand top lose money when called for jury duty as well.

Paying people $15 a day is like a drop in the bucket. And being on a jury is a really important job! I full support one of these bills being passed.

Although I've never been called for jury duty, I hope that by the time I do, one of these bills is passed!


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