It happens to everyone, we all get sick. For the last couple of years, due to the pandemic, things like coughing and sneezing in public can be a very uncomfortable situation. People will just look at you funny and you constantly would need to test for COVID if you were not feeling well.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing some of the effects of the pandemic today. I know I at least try to hold in a cough, in hopes that I will not get any weird looks. Just like pre-pandemic, when we are feeling under the weather, we go see a doctor. You could go to your primary care provider, minute clinic, or an urgent care.

The pandemic, however, did not only affect how people look at you when you are sick and around them, all over the world we are seeing places be short-staffed.

Restaurants and stores are not the only places to be short-staffed, urgent cares are as well.

ClearChoice MD is one urgent care that can be found in Maine. One thing that they do that is beneficial is that you are able to save your place in line online. This saves you time from waiting in the urgent care lobby and staying home and resting up more before having to go in.

Of course, there are times that you may just go to an urgent care and not save your place first, and that is completely okay. However, due to some urgent cares being short-staffed, not only may you experience a longer wait time, the urgent care may actually not open for the day.

The ClearChoice MD located in Scarborough, Maine, is one of the urgent cares in the area that is short-staffed and ends up having to close some days.

It is important to check online or call the urgent care that you are trying to go to prior to leaving your house or else you may be driving around to a few places before being able to be seen.

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