Listen, I understand that Mainers are considered to be some of the nicest people, however, I also know that I am not a "true Mainer" due to the fact that I have only lived in the state for a year. Maybe that is the reason I may come across as "rude."

When it comes to checking out while shopping, be it at the grocery store or another store, is there really proper etiquette when it comes to the divider that is put on the belt to separate shoppers' purchases?

This question came up in a chat that I am a part of, and it seriously led me to wonder, am I a jerk?

It seems that all the Mainers in the chat believe that it is the person in front's responsibility to put the divider on the belt after putting their groceries on. However, I do not believe this to be the case.

Just hear me out. I am not a terrible human, if I want to be nice, or if I see an older individual behind me, I usually will put the divider on the belt. I do not believe that it is my responsibility though.

The way I see it is if the person behind me wants to put their groceries on the belt, then they will put the divider on. It would really be up to them to slow down the line and wait. Maybe it is because I have had to put on my own divider so many times, or maybe it's how I was raised, but I never saw it as my responsibility.

Honestly, if you are behind someone that doesn't put the divider down, you have two options, either reach over their food and get the divider or ask them to pass it back.

I remember the days when the workers at the checkout would always push back the divider. This may honestly be why I feel that it is your own responsibility, as the divider used to be closer to the end of the food of the person in front of you.

Granted, I mainly try to use self-checkout recently, am I a jerk?

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