With Christmas day fast approaching, all of us have been out and about doing our holiday shopping for friends, family, and loved ones.

Some people opt to shop at the typical chain stores, while others enjoy kicking their feet up on Cyber Monday and making the most of all the online deals. Both of these shopping methods are perfectly acceptable, but there's another one that's often overlooked: visiting small, local businesses.

These stores are special for several reasons. Not only are they locally-owned, but if you're looking for a gift that's extra special or unique, these one-of-a-kind businesses are the way to go. And of course, the business owners are super kind and passionate about the work they do, so it feels great to support their efforts.

Two local businesses that this writer loves are Nest, a charming antique store in Portsmouth, and Good Juju by Ceci, a gift shop in Newmarket. Both stores have really cool items, as well as kind owners who seem to love what they do. We definitely recommend paying these places a visit if you can.

We recently took to Facebook to ask you what other local small businesses in New Hampshire deserve a shoutout this holiday season. Here are 20 places you recommended.

Shop Local at These 20 New Hampshire Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Gallery Credit: Megan

Here are some other holiday gift ideas, this time Maine-made.

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