Seth Rogan and his family were in Rockland last week. We know he visited Hazel's Take Out restaurant for lunch, because the staff posted a picture of him on their Facebook page. (See the photo below.) Did he enjoy a lobster roll or have something else on the menu at Hazel's? We can only presume it was lobster. It's also rumored that Rogan went to a Hannaford grocery store in Rockland on the morning of Wednesday, July 3rd, as well as Miller's Lobster Company in Spruce Head and Samoset Resort. With all the "Seth sightings," he may have spent the entire 4th of July holiday weekend in Maine.

Doesn't Rogan look more like a local than a celebrity? He seems so comfortable hanging out at a lobster joint. Not to mention, his handsome, long beard and casual style make him look like he was born and raised in Northern Maine. The only thing he is missing is a plaid shirt and a pair of L.L. Bean boots.

Welcome to the Maine family, Seth!

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