The city of Augusta has high hopes for the future of the city. According to a report by, the Augusta city council has identified several improvements for the city to the tune of about 28 million dollars.

The roof of the Augusta CiviC Center is in need of repair which the city has allocated close to two million dollars for that project alone.

A few emergency vehicles are also on the plan including a new ambulance fro $310,000, as well as a new fire truck which costs $625,000.

A total of $600,000 has be allocated to repair the Melendy Tennis Courts over by the Buker Community Center which will be separated into 3 year portions at $200,000 each.

The top deck of the city parking garage off Dickman Street has been closed for safety reasons. The city of Augusta has allocated $750,000 for the repair of that project.

$450,000 in sidewalk improvements, $250,000 for pedestrian safety, and 2.3 million dollars planned for street paving, each over the next 5 years are in the plan.

The spending proposal still requires voter approval which will take place in a special vote in June of 2022.

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