The headline isn't a lie -- with help from our friends at Warner Records, we're giving you a shot to win $600 worth of items for both you and your Valentine, because we want to get you the killer Valentine's Day that you may not have since the world is still a little wonky.

First things first, you're going to need to download our FREE 94.9 HOM app if you haven't yet, so if you haven't already snagged it, stop reading this for a second and click the button below to download it.

So now that you have that all downloaded and installed and have clearly made your life better by having our free 94.9 HOM app, we need you to do a little leg work. Well, technically, fingertip work.

Open our app and click on the "Hibernate Date" button in the very center bar of the main page of the app, and tell us what you would buy your Valentine with $300.

And pro tip: don't hold back. Tell us what you would buy your Valentine, why would you buy them that, what it means you to you/them, and most importantly -- make sure it's an item/all items purchasable on the internet! It can be one big $300 item, or multiple items totally no more than $300, but again -- just make sure they are purchasable on the internet.

We'll be taking entries through Friday, February 12, at which time a panel of judges will select one winner to not only be awarded those prizes for their Valentine, but also be able to do the same thing for themselves with an additional $300 (which means, YES, you'll get to shop for yourself with $300, too!)

So how would you spend that $300 on your Valentine? A big ole TV? New wardrobe? Jewelry? Cologne? Perfume? $300 of a candy they're overly and awkwardly obsessed with? Let us know! And make sure you get our app downloaded and set up so you don't miss out!

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