This is one of my pet peeves (Pun intended!): People who don't pick up, when their dogs take care of their business.

Well, the town of Rye, New Hampshire has had enough. According to Seacoast Online News, pet owners who fail to properly dispose of their dog's waste now face fines of up to $1000. This new ordinance is reportedly a part of Rye’s ongoing effort to protect nearby beaches, and to find out what is polluting Parsons Creek, which is on the impaired water list. Animal waste can also become a health risk.

On a personal note, I took pet ownership very seriously with all three of the dogs I've had in the past. I equate it to picking up after children. It's a part of the responsibility of having a dog. Some people refuse to take this seriously. So now, it will cost them a chunk of change if they don't scoop their dog's poop… at least in the town of Rye. I think other areas should follow suit.

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