Imagine looking out your window and seeing this! Over the weekend, there was a very large pig on the loose, wandering around in Kittery. In a video posted by Channel 8 WMTW, you can get a good look at the swine roaming free in someone's backyard. According to the Kittery Police Department's Facebook page, the pig was "easily 700 pounds." It was spotted in the area of Highpointe Circle ( Off Norton Road). Certainly not something you see every day, right? Some of the Facebook comments on the post were downright hilarious:

Dave Corcoran Did you issue a porking ticket?

David Hollingworth Good pig. Don’t squeal on him!

Tammi Melanson Shake a chip bag.. the pig will follow. Food motivated

Wes Anderson Wild bacon roaming the streets...

Luckily, there's a happy ending to this story. The KPD posted an update on their Facebook page, that the owner of the pig had been found!

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