If you work at, drive near or are visiting Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, there's a road closure planned for the area near the hospital that could go on for a couple of days.

According to the Lewiston Police Department, Pan Am Railways is planning to replace the railroad crossing on Holland Street near the CMMC parking garage. Replacing the crossing involves digging up the pavement, replacing the tracks and laying down a rubber surface surrounding the rails to make your drive over them a lot smoother.

Holland Street will be closed starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, January 29, with a detour routed through Bridge Street and Whipple Street, but access will be open from the Main Street side of Holland Street to allow access to the entrance of the CMMC parking garage.

You've more than likely run across some really bad railroad crossings with potholes and crumbling pavement that feel like you could lose a tire going over it. A little known fact is that the city or town the bad railroad crossing is in is not responsible for repairing it. That responsibility belongs to the railroad since they own the property that the tracks lie on.

In this case, Pan Am Railways is the railroad that owns the Holland Street Crossing. They were recently purchased by CSX, a much larger railroad with deeper pockets than Pan Am. Maybe the new owners are more diligent in keeping their crossings in good shape to save our suspensions. If that's the case CSX, I'd like to direct your attention to your crossing on Forest Avenue just before Morrills Corner near Scrub-A-Dub. It was repaired about 5 years ago, but it's in bad shape again.

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