According to the Portland Press Herald, your drive on River Road between Westbrook and Depot Road in Windham is gonna get hairy starting today (Monday)!

It's gonna cost almost 7 million dollars and take two years on a section of the two-lane River Road near the intersection with Anderson Road will be down to one lane, the newspaper stated, and part of the multi-million dollar project includes trying to dig up an old 1744 fort.

This week a team of archaeologists will start looking for Fort Providence, according to the Press Herald; it was built back in 1744 as a hideaway from attacks from native Americans. They found some brick, charcoal and ash which could have been part of a hearth in the fort, the newspaper reported, and an investigation back in the 80s showed that a big part of the fort is under River Road.

The newspaper reported that it's gonna take a year just to move utilities, and put in drainage systems along River Road. The actual road construction won't start until the spring. T

hey are working on just over 3 miles of River Road that desperately needs help. It's the part of River Road that goes by the Maine Correctional Center in South Windham.

You are gonna need to work on breathing exercises for a couple of years and it's gonna get worse before it gets better...but it will get better.

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