Raise your hand if you are SO ready to be done with 2017?!

How was your 2017? Mine was epic and also challenging. I kicked off 2017 by taking my first trip ever to California. I went to visit a friend in San Francisco, and we even visited Lake Tahoe. Then, my world was 'rocked to the core' when my sister passed away in May. Before this happened, my mom and I had already planned a trip to Europe. So in August, we flew to London, saw Paris, and Amsterdam. We brought my sister's ashes along and put her in each city. It was a therapeutic and beautiful experience. To me, it is amazing to see how much a year can change you... So many changes in such a short span of time. Are you a different person now than you were in January 2017? Do you look back on 2017 fondly, or are you ready to say "Beat it, 2017"?!

Either way you feel about 2017, it is time to party and ring in 2018! Here are some fun events to get your party on in New Hampshire, according to nhmagazine.com: