You probably don't care that bus driver Bruce Audie is retiring. Except, that he organized a party for his kids at Garside’s Ice Cream!


You see Bruce is a 'cool' bus driver and Garside's on Ferry Road in Saco, is on his bus route! Bruce was a cop in Biddeford before he was the best bus driver ever!

Bruce said that he's always joking with the kids that they should stop and get ice cream. But it's seasonal and was mostly closed during the school year, and the kids would all laugh! Now that school is ending and he’s retiring and Garside’s Ice Cream is open for the season, he's going today!


Mr. Audie even designed his own “Permission Slip” for the students to have signed and returned and he recruited parents to help!


Okay other bus drivers in Saco...good luck living up the the legend of the Ice Cream Bus Drive Mr. Audie.

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