After extensive research at the lab and some long hard hours in the office without food, we have uncovered Maine's absolute favorite game to lose their money on at the fair.

We asked Mainers what their favorite game is when they go to any of the fairs across the state.

Guess what. It's balloon darts. Friggen darts you throw at balloons to pop them and uncover a prize. That was the answer from most Mainers who responded.

Winner. Winner.

Mainers absolutely eat this game up. It wasn't even a competition when we asked the public which game was their go-to. It was almost like they were waiting for somebody to ask them this question.

The second most desired fair game in Maine we determined from responses was the squirt gun, the one where you have to hold your focus on the little dot to get your player to the top before somebody else does. This one I understand considering adrenaline runs most of us. I don't even know what it's called, but I've never not played it when I'm there.

Third up was the Shoot the Clowns game. I'm anything but shocked, in fact, this checks out so hard for Maine. It's a form of hunting. Mainers will take any opportunity to shoot a gun, so I'd imagine when they've got their kids with them this game is like a PG version of the animals they really try to kill during hunting season. I get it.

Sidenote for my single ladies: when a man asks you to go to the fair shortly, which he will, don't settle for the bottom row prize.

Giant stuffed snakes and monkeys or nothing at all. Throw the whole man out if he can't point a super soaker at a stationary red dot for one minute.

Follow me for more dating tips. Good luck out there during fair season kids.

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