Remember when you went to your first Red Sox game? Or, if you are a parent, remember taking your kid to their first Red Sox game?

A small souvenir goes an extremely long way at a sporting event.

As a kid, I would collect anything from sports games: the ice cream cup that was shaped like a sports hat, the souvenir cup from my dad's soda, and even the ticket itself.

Everything I gathered from a sporting event was a keepsake.

The best were the actual baseballs or pucks that players would toss to the stands before the game started.

It did not matter if it came from the best player, or the other team for that matter. If I got a real "game ball", I was showing off that thing for days or months.

As an adult, not much is different. Instead of the pregame balls, though, it is all about the home run balls. Catching a home run ball at a baseball game is such a power move.

If you can barehand catch a home run, you get a memory and ball, you look tough as nails, and everyone in the stadium wants to be you because they've seen the replay on the jumbotron four or five times.

Last year, a Red Sox fan sitting in the Green Monster caught not one, but two home run balls in the same inning.

The odds of this happening are so small that I do not even think it can be calculated.

Because of the famous Green Monster, Fenway has the greatest outfield wall in the sport, according to a Sports Illustrated article. It is also the second most difficult stadium for left-handed batters to hit, according to Sports Illustrated.

For one ball to go into the Monster is exciting. During the first home run grab, you can see the fan snag the ball as it bounces off the wall to the second level of the Monster. He had to grab it before it fell back on the field.

Still high on the first home run catch, there is no way he was expecting another coming his way...and then...

The second home run, in the same inning, in the same spot, and in the hands of the same man is just crazy. He cleanly catches the second home run with two hands (which probably hurt).

Outstanding catches, and congrats to the fan. That's a memory he will treasure forever.

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