I was cruising and perusing around the New Hampshire reddit page over the weekend just because sometimes there's some interesting or funny stuff up there, and I came across this video someone posted of "Dollar Bill" from Dollar Bill's Auction Outlet & Wholesale Co in Derry (New Hampshire. Not Maine. No "IT" clowns in this post.)

First things first, the caption on the video does not reflect views of me or this station, but it came along with dropping the video in this article. I remember being a kid and seeing the wacky dude with the dollar bill umbrella hat on some commercials sometimes and just being SO intrigued.

He was clearly zany, so he had my attention because I was a kid, and anytime I'd be driving up or down Rt 28 with my parents, I'd always point out Dollar Bill's and be all "WOW A CELEBRITY LIVES THERE!" Dollar Bill's closed back in 2012.

I'm not going to lie, though -- watching that last video, I don't remember him being that...suggestive? Honestly, I'm not sure if this was a legit commercial that aired or maybe some B-roll out-take goofy behind the scenes stuff, but -- yikes. But I digress...

Seeing this video of Dollar Bill made me think of some stuff that I miss from my childhood, that if you're from here, you KNOW. And right after Dollar Bill, there's only one other person that I can think of who is just as memorable and from the area:


I have never cared more about weather in my life than when I was a child and got to watch Al Kaprielian's weather reports on the old WNDS TV-50. If you didn't smile every time you heard the iconic intro, "GOOD EEEEEVENING!" -- man, you needed more hugs as a child.

He was just such a breath of fresh air (no weather pun intended), and I'm pretty sure half the reason I loved watching the old Adam West/Burt Ward "Batman" TV show was because I knew at some point, Al was going to pop up with a weather report. (I'm PRETTY sure that's the show that was on when the weather reports would air, but I was a little nugget, so I may be wrong).

As an added bonus, my elementary school (Barron School in Salem, NH -- GO BOBCATS!) used to have celebrity readers in our classroom, and we landed Al once, and good lord I felt like I was in the presence of a legend. An icon. The MECCA of local celebrities (probably because I was, honestly.)

I did a little searching and it seems like he may be doing weather forecasts for another radio station in New Hampshire, which honestly makes me happy he's still in the game because he's legit New Hampshire's Best Treasure. Fact.

One other piece of New Hampshire nostalgia came to mind, too, in the rush of memories that flooded my brain after seeing the Dollar Bill video -- remember Salem Tri Cinema (obviously in Salem)?

According to a Facebook group dedicated to the old movie theater, Salem Tri Cinema actually started off as a Jerry Lewis Cinema back in 1972. It was famous (at least to me) for only having three screens and the cheapest prices around. Which was beyond helpful with the Loew's Theater opened up at The Loop in Methuen, because I was all about saving some cash.

Plus, I had my first date at Salem Tri. I'm pretty sure it was in 7th grade. I think the girl's name was Amanda. I just know I was terrified and the movie was Independence Day with Will Smith. Unfortunately, Salem Tri closed back in 2002, became a Babies 'R Us that closed back in 2018, and after doing some digging, looks like it is about to become a Fun City Trampoline Park.

What are some of your favorite memories from the parts of New England where you grew up that aren't around anymore?

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