One of the most popular fundraising events in the state of Maine is the Dempsey Challenge, which goes to support the Dempsey Center with locations in Lewiston, South Portland, and now a new online virtual location. The Dempsey Center helps "make life better for people managing the impact of cancer" and all the services provided are FREE! The Dempsey Challenge is the brainchild of actor & Maine native Patrick Dempsey, best known for his role as Dr. Dreamy on the hit show Greys Anatomy.

This year, which marks the 13th year of the Dempsey Challenge is also going to have a global challenge option, which will expand the opportunity for so many more people to participate, either in Lewiston for the local Challenge, or where ever they are with the "Global Challenge".

The dates still remain the same, September 25th & 26th. On Saturday, the 25th the focus is on the 5k and 10k walk or run, with Sunday the 26th being the day the bikes hit the road for either a 25, 50, 65, or 100 mile bike ride.

The beauty of the Dempsey Challenge is there are so many ways to participate and be involved. You can of course, REGISTER to run, walk, or ride, you can DONATE, you can VOLUNTEER, you can even BUY GEAR. No matter how you choose to support this great event, all the proceeds will go to those struggling with the effects of cancer, free of charge through the Dempsey Center.

So, get a group of people together, get registered, and get ready to help an amazing local cause.

I'll see you there!

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