This would upset me if I were a parent... if I was trying to call or text my children and they didn't respond.

Well, Nick Herbert has solved this problem. He was so tired of his son not replying to his text messages and calls that he created an app for that.

It's called Reply ASAP. According to ABC News, the app freezes the kid's cell phone and sounds an alarm that won't stop, (even when the phone is on "silent") until they text or call you back. You also get a notification that your child has read your text.

Obviously, the app has to be installed on both the parent's phone and the child's phone. As a parent, this is something you can control.

Right now, Reply ASAP is available for a monthly fee on Android. Reportedly, the app is also coming to iPhone in the near future.

This is a new app, so the developer probably needs to work out a few kinks. Read the reviews here.

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