It has been one helluva week since the first snowstorm of the season rocked (in a bad way) on Saturday, leaving thousands without power. Heavy, wet snow and crazy wind really did a number on us to say the least.

Thanks and much respect to the crews working extra hard this week to repair the damage and get the power back on.

According to the official Central Maine Power Facebook page, they are getting very close to 100 percent of customers back on.

You know how they say "No Line Is Safe To Touch, Evah." Right? Well, here comes a fiery example of why that's absolutely true.

Meet Correy Conrad Nassetta. He is the facilities and maintenance manager for Maine Optometry P.A..

This is Correy and his sweet buddy, Harley.


Correy was driving home on Sebago Road aka Route 11 in East Baldwin, Maine on Saturday after helping neighbors get their generators fired up. You know. Cause he's a great guy who loves cats and lends a hand whenever he can.

Correy had about a mile to go before he arrived back at his house, when he saw several hundred feet of fire along the roadside. Upon closer examination, he realized that it was a lengthy downed power line that was set ablaze.

He told us via Facebook Messenger...

"Some of the flames were over 15ft-20ft in the air. When I was pulling away the flame was even bigger and brighter than anything I had ever seen."

Correy captured the dramatic moment on video and you can watch it here. His colorful wicked Mainah commentary is positively priceless.

That of course means that there is some NSFW language in the video. Thanks for the story, Correy. You are the friggin' best.

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