Get a sneak peek at this incredible new spot for live music.

For several months now, I've been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get a look at Portland's newest music venue, Aura. I finally had the opportunity to do so the other night at their VIP Grand Opening event!

I know a lot of people were sad to see the Asylum go. The place had a lot of history. Some great band had played some amazing shows their over the years. But it was time for an upgrade.

Last year, they tore down more of the building to make way for the new construction. They had been working on it for the last 6 months or so. And now, it's finally ready.

Aura is MUCH bigger than Asylum was, which means it will attract bigger and better music acts. And the way that the room is structured, you have an excellent view of the stage from pretty much anywhere.

The party the other night was a blast! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the Led Zeppelin tribute act "Get The Led Out" tonight...Aura's very first show!


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