So how did you like that spring preview yesterday? It was especially nice after the frigid temperatures of the last couple of weeks, wasn't it? If you think it felt unusually warm for the first week of February, you're spot on. In fact, according to WMTW, Portland shattered a high temperature record yesterday. At 62 degrees, it was the warmest February 5th on record! It easily beat the previous record of 51 degrees, set back in 2005. But don't get too excited, warm weather lovers. I'm sure that today's back to normal temperatures brought you back to reality. And with the latest forecast showing low temperatures dipping back into the teens four out of the next six days, Mother Nature is clearly telling us that winter isn't even close to being over matter what the groundhog says! Do you love days with warmer temperatures in the winter, or do you like your winters cold? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!



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