Imagine if the company you worked for sold it to another company and gave you a part of the profits. A very large part of the profits if you had been there long enough. That's exactly what happened when the Portland Sea Dogs' long-time owners sold the team.

In 1994, Dan Burke, the former CEO at Capital Cities/ABC, brought baseball to Portland by creating one of the most successful minor league franchises. He was beyond generous in what he gave to all of Maine through the Sea Dogs.

Dan Burke passed away in 2011 and his family took over the business with that same generosity.

According to the Portland Press Herald, when the 2020 season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Burke family still paid all their full-time employees. Most recently, when the Burke family made the decision to sell the team to Diamond Baseball Holdings, they shared the profits with full-time employees, some of which have been there since day one and received a significant amount.

The legacy and generosity of Dan Burke and the Burke family will always be felt within the walls of Hadlock Field. If there's a list of some of the best places to work in Maine, the Portland Sea Dogs should be right at the top of that because of the Burkes.

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The 2023 season will be the first under new ownership, and they have said that you won't see any changes, because why make changes to a formula that works so well?

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