Weight Watchers has become a household name. Believe it or not, the company has been around for 55 years. When you think of weight loss programs, what's top of mind? Exactly. Like many other heritage brands, Weight Watchers has decided to give itself a facelift, including a new name… or a shorter name to be more precise. The Wharton School says that abridged name will be simply "WW." The reason?: To affirm its new slogan, "Wellness that works." A marketing professor from Wharton, Patti Williams, explains how the definitions of health and wellness have changed since Weight Watchers was founded.

She says:

What it means to be fit in today’s environment, to be healthy in today’s environment — fundamentally different. They were the diet plan for your mom, and they don’t want to be your mom’s diet plan anymore.

I guess no one wants mom's weight loss plan in the same way that no one wants "mom's jeans." Even so, no one can deny that mom's jeans are super comfortable. So is the knowledge that a program as popular as Weight Watchers is still around, especially in a day and age where iconic brands are folding left and right. You can call it WW. I'll probably still call it Weight Watchers. Besides, it easier to say.

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