Police in Oakland, Maine have sent out a warning about Mikel Knight and his road crew. Mikel is an urban-country music artist who is from Texas but now lives in Nashville.

https://www.facebook.com/Oakland Police Department
https://www.facebook.com/Oakland Police Department

Mikel Knight isn't signed to a major label so he tries to make his money by selling his CDs out of mock tour vans and buses. The vehicles have been wrapped with images of Mikel Knight and they look legit. However those buses and vans are full of street team members known as the Maverick Dirt Road Street Teams.  The street team members are promised money and hotel lodging while they're on the road. Those promises are never delivered and they street team usually have to sleep in the vehicles while they are out on the road.

Questions have been asked about what is really behind Mikel Knight and his street teams. There are arrest records in just about every state they visit for various charges including assault, trespassing, and threatening.



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