If you're looking for a good campfire story in the Millinocket-area, the "White Lady" is bound to come up. Pass over the bridge on Brownville Road at just the right time, and you may catch a glimpse. But ghost stories always lack that one key element in knocking down the naysayers, evidence. But Tricia Cyr took to Facebook to say, "what now?"

As the legend of the "White Lady" goes, it all stems from a bizarre and unexplained accident in the 1950's. According to Ghosts of New England, a newlywed couple had just returned from their honeymoon when, for a never specified reason, the husband lost control of his car and went down an embankment near the bridge. The husband left his wife in the car to get help from a passing car or a nearby home, but when he returned to his car, his wife was gone. No trace of her was ever found, until she began "haunting" the area where the accident took place.

The photo Tricia Cyr shared is certainly compelling, but as with all ghost "sightings", the unexplained could have a simple explanation. We're not expert enough to know how or why there appears to be a ghost standing on a bridge, but we're quite sure someone else can figure it out.

This urban legend has been in place in Millinocket for decades now, with dozens of people having claimed sightings. Stories include brief glimpses of a woman dressed in white standing in the middle of the bridge to a group of ghost hunters claiming the "White Lady" left handprints on their car during a bout of dense fog. So what do you believe? Is this proof?

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