There are so many things to do around Portland that it can make it kind of hard to figure out what to do on a night out. From hundreds of top-rated culinary choices, bars with arcades, and rooftop spots with dessert martinis, it’s almost overwhelming.

I wanted to take my mom out on a date but I wanted more than just a glass of wine across from one another at a dinner table. I pondered our options for a bit until the lightbulb went off in my head: Muse Paintbar.

Muse Paintbar in Portland, Maine

I spend a large portion of my life in downtown Portland wobbling on the cobblestone streets and sitting by the wharf. I saunter up and down Commerical Street more times a week than I can count on my hand that actually has five full fingers. I have walked by and known about the paint bar for years and have told myself numerous times that I would make my way through their doors one day.

As two creative people who love the arts, I was giddy when I realized what a picture-perfect date it would be for my mama and me (pun very much intended). My mom used to own a daycare when I was little so doing crafts together is what we grew up doing.

I booked two seats on their website, my mom picked me up, and we headed into town.

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As soon as you walk into the paint bar on Commercial Street, you are surrounded by easels, paintings, and paint splattered everywhere. A garage door and exposed brick really sell the Portland aesthetic and the bright lights, vivid colors and lively music put you in a good, positive and creative mood.

Our art instructor Skylar kindly greeted us, showed us around, and we headed straight for the bar. With red wine in hand, we were ready to paint.

It was a small and intimate group with couples on dates, friends out for a fun night on the town, and my mama and I just wanting to spend quality time together. Skylar was hysterical, helpful, and talented as he walked us through our paintings step by step while also granting us our own creative freedoms. I laughed out loud throughout the painting from his funny one-liners and from my mom and me cracking up at our little mistakes here and there.

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It was two hours of fantastic music, great energy, nice people, yummy food, good drinks, and a whole lot of fun. We all walked out with our own masterpieces as souvenirs of a lovely memory.

I would recommend this spot to anyone, whether you’re an artist or not. You don’t need to know how to paint to enjoy your time here, hell you don’t even know how to old a paintbrush, they’ll show you.

Whether you’re looking for a date with a partner, something to do with friends, or an entertaining yet intimate place to spend time with family, go sip and paint the night away at Muse Paintbar.

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