My friend Allyson shared this story with me and I thought that we could all use a little mid-week pick me up :)

Allyson's husband Keith went snowmobiling with his two friends this past weekend. They left central New Hampshire and were heading about 65 miles north to Maine for lunch. Keith was the leader of the pack and realized he lost his other two members. He went back to find them and when he did it was clear there was a serious problem. Thankfully, no one was injured but the machine wasn't going to make it where they needed to go.

Keith knew of a store that was two miles away so he took his snowmobile there. Maureen Eastman, one of the co-owners of Corner Store, was willing to go above and beyond to help. First, she offered up her own keys and instructed the men to go and retrieve a truck and a trailer to pick up the machine. Completely overwhelmed by her kindness the men declined. But Maureen wasn't going to stop her efforts until they figured out a solution! She called a couple that lived nearby. (the couple featured in the photo above) They came in, ate their lunch and then drove Keith and his friend an hour out of their way to retrieve the machine!

This story is proof that there are good people out there. These folks went out of their way to help Keith and his friends without asking for money or recognition. They were able to help so they did. Kindness is simple when you really think about it. Just like the simple homestyle recipes at Stow Corner Store, which Keith recommends you try if you are ever in that neck of the woods!

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