There's no possible way it's been 25 years since Happy Gilmore came out. It's impossible, I refuse to acknowledge it, someone is lying and trying to age us all WAY too fast.

Because if it's been 25 years since it came out, that would put me in Woodbury Middle School in Salem (Canobie Lake, not the witches) when it came out, and I swear that movie just came out like, what, 10 years ago? HOW HAS IT ALREADY BEEN 25?

The movie's star, and Manchester, New Hampshire's own, Adam Sandler, posted a video to his Instagram account yesterday re-enacting his famous shuffling drive that almost every golfer and non-golfer ever has tried at least once during an actual round of golf or at the very least, the driving range.

Adam actually said that this video was the first time in 25 years that he's ever replicated that drive technique, which I really find hard to believe. I mean, whether it's worked out for you or not if you've tried it (SPOILER: it's almost NEVER worked for me and if I had to count on one hand how many times I shanked a ball into the divider wall of the driving range and had a ball almost come back at my face from trying this approach, well, I'd need about 42 more hands), it's just plain FUN to do.

Then again, Adam probably had to do it so many times during filming that he's never had a desire to try it again.

Not to be outdone, Christopher McDonald, the actor that played Happy Gilmore's rival in the movie, Shooter McGavin, posted a video in response, both in-character and out-of-character as well.

Not that Adam wasn't having fun with his video (especially at the end where he channeled Happy for a quick line), but you can tell Chris was having an absolute BLAST transforming back into Shooter, with the amount of times he seemed like he was going to wrap up a video but then got back into character and busted out another iconic line from the movie.

Also, can we give some extra props to Adam, too, for never forgetting where he came from before he made it big? Sure, he was born in Brooklyn, but he moved to Manchester when he was 6 and grew up here -- New Hampshire has been his home ever since. And you can tell he BLEEDS this area in his movies -- you'll always find him in a Bruins jersey, a UNH shirt -- some kind of apparel that is a tip of the cap to being from here, and you just love to see it.

Congratulations on 25 years of Happy, Adam! You too, Chris!

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