It happens every year around this time. And while most people have come to expect HOM's switch to an all Christmas music format in mid November, it still comes as a big surprise to some. Of course, there are always going to be some folks who aren't quite ready for the change. But the majority of our listeners full embrace the change. The fact is, we switched to all Christmas music format this year right around the same time as we have for many years now. And the reason is simple - people want it. When we flip the switch, we automatically see our listening audience double. And as we get closer to Christmas, it triples. Sometimes, it can be discouraging to see negative comments about the switch. After all, what we want more than anything is to give our listeners what they want. It's impossible to please everyone, so we simply try to make as many people as possible happy. But for every negative comment, there are ten positive ones...and that's how we know we're on the right track. Here are just a few of our favorite comments we've received over the last couple of days!

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