This year, much like every other year, there was a lot of thought put into exactly when we would start playing all Christmas music on HOM.

It's a delicate balance. People starting asking about Christmas music the day after Halloween. And the emails, messages, and calls became more and more frequent the deeper we got into December.

Our station covers six states and Canada, so there are A LOT of people listening. And it's impossible to make every one of them happy.

Then, something occurred to us that made us realize EXACTLY when we should start playing it.

You've probably heard the story about Jacob Thompson, the 9-year-old boy at Maine Medical Center with stage 4 brain cancer. They're celebrating Christmas early because the doctors say he might not make it to December 25th. The story has captivated people all around the world, and so far Jacob has received over 66,000 christmas cards in the mail.

We reached out to Jacob and his family, and offered him the opportunity to select the very first Christmas song played on HOM this year.

Jacob and his parents listened to many Christmas songs of Friday, and he chose Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo." He especially likes the "Carol Of The Bells" portion of the song.

As the father of my own 9-year-old child, Jacob's story has moved me on a very personal level. I'm so happy that he and his parents took the time and thought into this important task.

And so we honor you, Jacob Thompson... and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

We hope that you enjoy the Christmas music from 94.9 HOM.



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