If you are a real-life Karen, I'm curious as to how your lovely name became bastardized into being a horrible, racist person. Who was the first person to call another woman a "Karen," meaning it in a pejorative way? Some of the initial memes and videos were amusing, unless that is really your name and you are a sweet, decent human being. Then, when the name devolved into being a racist, the memes and videos triggered entirely different emotions of disgust and pure hatred. It's also interesting how the once common moniker has degenerated from a popular baby girl's name to a middle-aged white women with a blonde bob haircut who complains to management because she didn't get her way, and devolved once more into a full-blown entitled racist bitch. The second of these Karens is bad enough, and the latter is an evil person who most of us would despise.

I know several Karens, including a sister-in-law who doesn't have a racist bone in her body. Ironically, she is a middle-aged white woman whose hair color is… blonde. And, I'm sure she has asked to see a manager or two at some point in her life. Most of us have for legitimate reasons. However, my sister-in-law and the other Karens I know are not racists. I'm sure they are not thrilled with the way their name has become a synonym for a monster.

Recently, I read through a Facebook thread that started with a real-life Karen asking politely for people to stop using her name in a derogative way. I could not believe the hateful responses from people who were verbally attacking her. One person said she probably IS an entitled "Karen." Another called her a racist just for asking people to stop calling these women "Karens." The response that made my eyes roll came from a woman who said, "Why don't you change your name?" As if it's that easy to legally change the name on your birth certificate. Besides, why should real-life Karen have to change the name her parents thoughtfully gave her? Real-life Karen's retort was brilliant.

She said, "Bye Felicia."

Hang in there, real-life Karen. Humor is usually your best defense.

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