Dear Maine driver,

There is an open stretch of road after crossing Casco Bay Bridge into Downtown Portland where the speed limit is unclear to me. There is a sign right as you get off the bridge that says the speed limit is 40. Then, it changes to 30 in the general area of the boat yard on Commercial Street. If you are not paying attention, it is easy to miss the sign. That's exactly what happened on Monday evening. I had a lot of troubling things on my mind, and did not realize I was speeding as I was lost in thought.

Thank you for bringing me back to reality by flashing your headlights at me to let me know there was a speed trap up ahead. I immediately slowed down from 45 to 30, and sure enough, there was a police officer hiding where the EIMSkip containers are. It was very considerate of you to warn me. You probably prevented me from getting a speeding ticket.

Later that night, I was telling a friend and she said she thought it was illegal to flash someone. So I did what any educated person would do… I googled it. I learned that it is not against federal law, as the act is constitutionally protected under the first amendment.

So thank you, whoever you are, for being a Good Samaritan. I plan to pay it forward one day.

Scenic RailRiders in Concord, NH

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