Maine is known for many things. It's beauty, Vacationland, lobsters, and Reny's the Maine adventure. Christmas is on it's way, and shopping local is the way to go. Reny's has been a family owned business since it's humble beginnings in 1949. Robert H. Reny opened his first quaint store in Damariscotta, and had the dream of having great quality buys of merchandise for the lowest price. The first winter he opened the store, it was so slow that he traveled door to door to sale his products. By the end of the winter, Mr. Reny made so many friends; they all came out to shop at his store in the Spring. Since then, Reny's has grown to 17 stores Maine wide, employing over 500 people.

And, you can't grow a successful business, without a catchy commercial jingle. Reny's commercials are known for featuring interviews with real life shoppers. We all know the song, and have no problem belting out when we plan a trip to the store. Reny's has a YouTube Channel, and if features countless videos of Mainers singing the famous Reny's jingle! So, Do you dare to take the 'Reny's Jingle Challenge'? Check out these cute and funny people singing the tune we all know!


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