Here's an interesting fact. The most googled movie home is the 1990 classic, Home Alone. This home is actually in Minnesota.

The second most googled movie home is from Twilight.  That property is in Oregon.

And yes, the third most googled movie home is in our own backyard, and was used for the movie Hocus Pocus in Salem, Massachusetts.  Fact is, over 12,000 people per month google "Hocus Pocus House", according the LA Homes.

The film was shot all over Salem, Massachusetts, but Allison's house, known as the Ropes Mansion, is the most famous backdrop of the movie, and one people demand to know the address of.  It's located at 318 Essex Street, just in case you are ever in the neighborhood.

Hocus Pocus Disney via Facebook
Hocus Pocus Disney via Facebook

Hocus Pocus is a cult favorite, followed up just last year with Hocus Pocus 2.  The Sanderson sisters cottage has been recreated and was available as an Airbnb rental. It was only for a short period last October, but you can check back on Airbnb here.

LA Homes conducted the research to determine which movie homes were the most sought after.  A spokesperson for the study says:

Movies don't just offer engaging storylines, but are an example of the era that they aired and can become staples in popular culture.  However, it isn't just the movie itself that can become wildly popular, it is also the sets and the interiors which can quickly become fan favorites. This study gives an interesting insight into the most popular movie homes that have stood the test of time in popularity and style."

Fortunately, we New Englanders can visit the Ropes Mansion and take a self-guided tour any time.  Just be sure to book ahead, especially in the fall.

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