As Maine swells with tourists, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Old Orchard Beach is a very popular tourist destination. I will say that most tourists in all parts of Maine are great. But it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone. Those few leave garbage everywhere and the bigger offense; they go to the bathroom everywhere!

Google Maps
Google Maps

It was such a big problem back in 2018, that Old Orchard added more bathrooms so that people would stop using the beach (or worse, private property) to relieve themselves.

There have been very frustrated rants on Facebook for years. But one recently on the OOB Facebook group was actually polite; a different tactic that I hope works. Michael Brian Ivy wrote an open letter to people who visit our beautiful state:

Daniel Hanscom
Daniel Hanscom

Dear Visitors,
We extend a warm welcome to our beautiful state, and we appreciate your decision to explore its wonders. As you immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you, we kindly request that you leave it just as you found it.
Please take a moment to consider the impact of your actions. We urge you to pick up after yourselves, ensuring that our shared spaces remain clean and pristine. When nature calls, we encourage you to utilize designated restrooms rather than yards, preserving the integrity of our environment.
We take great pride in the beauty of our state, and it is our collective responsibility to maintain and protect it. By showing respect for the land, you contribute to the preservation of its magnificence for future visitors and locals alike.
Once again, we thank you for choosing our state as your destination. Please remember to leave it as beautiful as when you first arrived, so that others may also experience its awe-inspiring splendor.
With gratitude,
The Locals

People commenting on this post are very positive about the high-road approach. Cross your fingers that the people who cruise the low roads get it!

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