According to WMTW Channel 8, this weekend, Old Orchard Beach was the place to be!

Tourists from all over including our friends from Canada flocked to the beach to cool off in the water on the hottest day thus far of the year here in Maine.

As the article states, 

Canadian tourists, which make up 17% of Maine's tourism, have been unable to visit in the past two years due to border restrictions. Old Orchard Beach businesses say that their return has been a boon to the local economy.

Imagine the relief that many people are now able to return to their spots, not to mention, all of the new speedos that were purchased for this beach day.

Historically, Old Orchard beach has always been 'the place to be', in the summer.

I remember when I was a teenager and we would drive around in my friend's Dad's convertible, top down, around the square, pumping Missy Elliot pumping, that is how you showed yourself and friend group off. I know, it sounds awkward, but it worked and we met lots of people. Ehem, guys.

Where ever you are visiting from, I know that shop owners and restaurants are happy to so you come. OOB is a summer attraction that is a can't miss!

The article also goes on to say, 

 "The amount of people that come in from different states is great, and I can hear accents from other countries. So I think it's really helped out a lot."

Because the summer has just begun and we are going to see more warm weather, we will also see more tourists! So make sure you are booking you're hotel rooms in OOB now or two months ago because I am sure that place is already filling up fast!

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