Are you ready for snow? Although many parts of Maine and New Hampshire have already seen the first snowfall of the year, there are still some parts, including Portland, who have yet to see any. That will likely change this Friday, as it's looking like pretty much all of Maine and New Hampshire will receive varying amounts of snow. WMTW Meteorologist Ted McInerney called into the HOM Morning Show today to share the details of his forecast.


It looks like the jackpot for this storm will be the northern parts of both states, with amounts that will likely be plowable. Central areas could possibly see up to 6 inches, and even southern New Hampshire and coastal Maine will get enough to accumulate, and slick up the roads.

So what do you think… Are you ready for the white stuff, or do you just wish we never had to deal with it at all? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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