In February of 2024, department store chain Macy's announced they would be closing 150 of their 508 stores. That's 30% of stores across the country. The number of stores is down significantly since the chain had 868 stores in 2015.

Maine only has one Macy's in the entire state which is at the Maine Mall. It opened after Jordan Marsh was acquired by Federated Department Stores in 1996 and became Macy's. The Bangor Mall had a Macy's until it, like many of the other stores at the Bangor Mall, closed in the 2010's.

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The announcement that 150 stores would close over the next three years has made Mainers wonder if the Macy's at the Maine Mall would be one of the stores to be cut. I happen to live with one of those worried Mainers who shops at Macy's regularly and is worried about what she'll do without it. Well she and all Maine Macy's shoppers can worry not more.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Maine will not lose it's only Macy's. In fact, it could get an upgrade.

Macy's has a plan to become more profitable by "enhancing the customer experience." What that mes is a little vague, but Macy's has said that the plan to add more staff at fitting rooms and shoe departments and to improve visual displays as customers they surveyes said they want the store less clutteres with more service.

So Macy's at the Maine Mall is here to stay, and may becreating a new shopping exepience for the future.

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