I've made it pretty clear that I will never get used to the snow. And, since I've been honest about my feelings, I've heard from several New Englanders who say they don't like it either even though they were born and raised here.

Last year during my first winter in Maine, AJ taught me how to make a snowball. This year, I decided to take the next obvious step and have a snowball fight.


AJ is the clear winner as his snowball-making skills are much better than mine. He's had years of practice, whereas I was basically throwing snow at him. I appreciate that he let me win. Also, many thanks to Herb Ivy a.k.a. "The Captain" from our sister station, WBLM. He provides play-by-play action during our fight, as well as being our videographer.

So, I now have one fun thing to do when it snows. Maybe by next winter, I'll find something else that's exciting for me and entertaining (read: amusing) for our listeners to watch.

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