For any of you Granite Staters that may have wrestled with the clunky online VAMS Federal Vaccination site, there is GOOD NEWS.

According to this WMUR-TV report, the state of NH is making the second vaccination much easier to schedule.

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The 2nd and final shot of the COVID-19 process will now be scheduled at the same time as your taking your first vaccination.


The entire VAMS experience was one that I shall not fondly remember.

The initial email that my parents received from VAMS looked remarkably similar to every phishing scam or potential ransomware that I've been trained to avoid.

We have online training here at Townsquare that teaches you the red flags to look out for and when compounded by the fact that it involves the elderly, I thought for sure it was a scam.

Only after a 45 minute wait on the 211 phone line, I was told that the email was legit.

The website itself was a multi-faceted Rubik's cube of side by side boxes and hidden scroll bars that I couldn't imagine anyone operating easily, let alone people in their advancing years.

Now, once you get your first vaccine, you'll be assigned a date to return, on a card.


If you already have had your 1st shot and couldn't figure out how to schedule your 2nd shot. Don't worry!

The state will reach out to you, proactively!

I have to think that if your parents are like mine and not actively online, they will receive a phone call from a real human being that will schedule the appointment, while loudly and clearly speaking!

I'm happy that they are taking a more 'hands on' approach as the amount of doses is supposed to increase over the next few weeks.

I look forward to seeing how the State will handle this process when it reaches my phase too!

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