Did this really happen? A professor at a university in New Hampshire failed a student based on the teacher's belief that Australia is a continent, not a country. WHAT?!

27-year-old Ashley Arnold got a big, fat "F" on a sociology assignment comparing the United States and Australia, according to the Daily Mail. The reason? Her professor at Southern New Hampshire University supposedly insisted that Australia was not a country.

Arnold politely inquired about her failing grade, and at first the teacher refused to budge, as per the Daily Mail. Then, after she reportedly sent the misinformed instructor a link to the Australian Government's "about Australia" page, she finally agreed to look into it. Arnold ended up getting a "B+" which is better than an "F."

Personally, I think Arnold should get an automatic "A" for being smarter than her professor, who (I've been told) has a PhD in sociology, in knowing Australia is both a continent AND a country. I've also read that she may have a PhD in philosophy, which may explain her existential crisis. Just saying.

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