Cue the usual line of "no one looks out for their own like New Englanders" out of me, but tell me a time when I've said it that I've been wrong. It's okay, I'll wait.

But in all seriousness, it's especially amazing when one local nonprofit helps another local nonprofit, or in this case, two of them.

I first mentioned the Alliance for Greater Good back around the holidays, when the newly-formed Alliance decided to set up shop during Gather's food distribution event in Portsmouth the weekend before Thanksgiving. During that Gather event, the co-founders of the Alliance for the Greater Good presented their own event, Share the Warmth, where they distributed over 1,700 gloves, hats, mittens -- all things winter for those in need with the cold months sashaying in.

Fast forward back to current times, where the Alliance is once again putting on an event to help benefit Gather -- by the way, if you're unsure of what Gather is, they're a community non-profit focused on feeding the hungry in the Greater Seacoast New Hampshire area. Actually, not only are they helping Gather out, but they're also helping out Taking Out Hunger, who is teaming up with Gather for this event since they share the same mission to eliminate food insecurity.

Julie Johnson / Alliance for Greater Good
Julie Johnson / Alliance for Greater Good

On Thursday, February 4 (that's next Thursday, FYI), the Alliance of Greater Good is putting on their virtual fundraising event, Cocktails for a Cause. For the cost of a $50 donation (or more, if you're feeling generous), donors will be able to get a bit of a mixology education from a couple of the Seacoast's finest mixologists, Jon Plaza and Evan Mallett from the Black Trumpet restaurant in Portsmouth.

Donors will connect to the event through Zoom, where Jon and Evan will proceed to teach viewers how to mix three separate cocktails. And as if that's not awesome enough -- know how we've been craving live music? Well, the Alliance has lined up local rock band Jamsterdam to play live during the virtual fundraiser.

You know, I had mentioned at the end of the year that I hoped for two things heading into 2021: 1) The generosity that we OOZED -- not just have shown, but have OOZED -- throughout 2020 stayed with us for the long term, and so far so good; and 2) We continued with our creative, outside-the-box thinking that COVID has forced us to do, and what says creative better than a virtual fundraiser where you learn to mix cocktails and get live, local music at the same time?

Because this is an event involving cocktails, the Cocktails for a Cause is an age restriction minimum of at least 21 years old to attend. You can drop your $50 (or more, because again, generosity) donation to attend the virtual event by going to the Cocktails for a Cause website! And, of course, if you're not 21 but just have a huge heart and want to donate to the cause of fighting local meal insecurities for our neighbors, you can also just straight up donate without trying to attend the event.

The Alliance has a goal of raising $10,000 with this event, which will provide 1,000 meals for those in need (and also help keep our local restaurants cooking). I love this, and there's a good chance I'll see you on Zoom at 7p next Thursday, February 4!

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