As a lover of wine and spirits, this certainly caught my attention!

In celebration of their 85th year of existence, New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets have some great promotions going on. They're giving away some pretty deep discounts on their products.

If you head to their website, you can enter to win one of several prizes.

Two lucky customers will win 85% off their purchase of $1,000, and 83 customers will win 85% off their purchase of $250. While not completely free, these are still pretty great prizes!

Imagine getting a thousand dollars worth of wine and liquor for just $150! Or, $250 worth of wine and liquor for just $37.50! That'd be enough drinks to keep you and your friends happy for quite a while!

They also have some in-store events planned throughout the year at their various locations across the state.

Click here for details on the promotions from New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets, and to enter to win.

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