As the temperatures drop across Northern New England, many folks who live in areas with a large deer population might consider leaving a snack for them. While they do so with the best of intentions, NH Fish & Game is explaining to the public why this isn't such a good idea. According to WMTW, Fish and Game deer biologist Dan Bergeron said that there can be negative consequences. Feeding deer the wrong food at the wrong time could actually hurt them, and maybe even kill them. 12 deer were found dead in the state a few years ago, due to improper feeding. And even though many people are simply trying to help these gorgeous animals, the truth is, they don't really need it. Deer have evolved over the years to adapt to colder weather. They have a nice thick coat to keep them warm, as well as body fat to use as energy reserves. So as much as you want to, don't feed the deer!

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