Just in time for Halloween season, here's something that's sure to send chills down your spine.

Tamworth Distilling, a New Hampshire based distillery, is launching a new blend of whiskey called Graverobber. What is particularly spooky about this new spirit is that the company is touting the fact that it is "flavored with dead people."

It is widely considered taboo across New England to tap a graveyard maple tree, as it is believed to disturb the dead and conjure up spirits. But that's not stopping Tamworth Distilling from doing just that.

The whiskey's flavor essence was tapped right from the maple growing next to the unmarked colonial era grave site of Great Hill Farm in New Hampshire. The company describes the taste as "spicy, yet sweet, evil, yet divine."

Would you dare try this 90 proof rye whiskey? I'm not so sure...I love a great Rye, but I might be a little worried that I'd also be drinking some unsettled spirits.

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