It's so crazy to me how sometimes you can just CONNECT with an animal, regardless of what thought process you've always had.

So, personal story sharing time first to elaborate on what I mean -- for YEARS I had always wanted a dog, but always said that I was too busy and it wasn't the right time. I didn't want to get a dog (and I always planned on adopting, anyway) just to have it sit at home alone all day while I was at work, or adopt one and just pay to have it at doggy daycare all day every day -- because at that point, what's the use in even adopting a dog just to have it neglected?

Anyway, then my friend sent me a picture of a pup named Remington who had been rescued from Aruba. And I don't know, the SECOND I saw his picture, I was like -- that's my dog. I filled out the application expecting for it to go nowhere, but I ended up getting called later that day and found out more about Remy's story -- he had a family all lined up and at the last minute, they bailed on him. HOW DO YOU NOT ADOPT THAT DOG AT THAT POINT? So I did, and it's been the best life decision I've ever made.

So, now to the point of this post -- Cameron Marin was stationed in Iraq back in March through the New Hampshire Army National Guard, and according to WMUR, he came across stray dogs on the regular. BUT -- one he came across ended up being super different. While the rest were usually skittish, Sunny basically just came sprinting up to Cameron and demanded all the attention and love.

At one point, Cameron contacted SPCA International to start the process of getting Sunny back to the States and to the 603, but I'm not sure if you've heard about this pandemic that randomly popped up -- it delayed everything. But eventually it all picked up again, and Sunny made it to his new home here in New Hampshire before Cameron actually did. And when he realized who Cameron was when he finally got home, he went wild (in the good way).

...and now this whole story has me wanting to maybe get Remy a brother or sister...

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