Would a billboard that says "I'm ME, not Meat" with a picture of a lobster discourage you from dining on a a delicious crustacean? Well that's what PETA is hoping for, with a new advertising campaign. According to WGME, PETA has a new billboard at Bangor International Airport, asking Mainers and other folks travelling through the airport to think twice about eating lobster. They've shared video evidence of Maine seafood businesses inhumanely killing them, and want people to think twice about indulging in the food that the state has become famous for. The airport says that Clear Channel Advertising coordinated the billboard placement, and that they allow pretty much anyone to purchase the space, as long as the message isn't threatening or violent. What do you think of this message? Would it make you think twice about eating lobster? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!


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