This is the last thing you expect to see at the polls.

A woman who went to vote at the Talbot Gymnasium polls in Exeter, New Hampshire on Tuesday, was told by a worker that she could not wear a politically-themed shirt, according to the Union Leader. The article says town moderator Paul Scafidi informed the yet-to-be identified voter that "she would have to remove the shirt or cover it up, because of laws against electioneering inside polling places." The shirt supposedly had pictures of President Trump and John McCain with the words "McCain Hero, Trump Zero."

What did the woman do? Apparently, she did not have any other garment, such as a sweater or jacket to cover the shirt. So she complied, and took off the shirt. The Union Leader states she was not wearing a bra; thus, she voted topless. Scafidi told the news service there were only around 15 other voters at the polls, so not too many people witnessed it. The woman left after she voted, without further incident. The police were never called. Exeter Select Board member Lovey Roundtree Oliff said via the UL that they "did not consider it a criminal act that required police intervention."

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